Nanfu's Cutting-Edge Technology Shines Brightly and Perfectly Ending the Canton Fair Oct 21, 2023

This Canton Fair served as a stage for Nanfu Battery, emphasizing the company's steadfast commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Through green factory transformations, continuous research and development innovations, and the promotion of eco-friendly packaging, Nanfu Battery actively reduces carbon emissions and improves material recycling rates. These efforts not only help alleviate environmental pressures but also provide carbon-neutral battery solutions for a wide range of users.

At the Canton Fair, Nanfu Battery's black technology battery, TENAVOLTS lithium rechargeable battery, garnered widespread interest and acclaim. The first carbon-neutral battery injected new momentum into the environmental conservation cause, while the stable 1.5V output voltage of the lithium battery provided users with robust power and the extremely stable 1.8-hour rapid charging function offered a more convenient charging experience. Additionally, TENAVOLTS holds six international patents, proving its significant lead in terms of performance, safety, and reliability.

As the Canton Fair comes to a successful conclusion, Nanfu Battery once again earned applause with its innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly philosophy, making this important exhibition even more brilliant. Nanfu Battery has set a benchmark for the industry with its unique black technology batteries and has contributed a valuable force to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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